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My story

Small Business Owner, Innovator, North Dakotan

I'm a second-generation entrepreneur who started his software business in the basement of my house right here in District 41. My parents and grandparents have set the examples I live by:  hard work, honesty, and listening to others.

I'm leaving my business in the hands of my capable team and stepping away to represent the people of District 41 because I believe it's time for the next generation to give back to our city and state. We need new leaders to confront and solve problems with a fresh perspective.


It's time for a new leader that listens to the people he represents

The state of North Dakota has problems that can only be solved by smart leadership in our legislature. With last session's budget cuts and mismanaged priorities, 2019's legislative session is setting out to be among the most important we've had in recent years.

I will bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to Bismarck, both desperately needed. As a small business owner and job creator, I understand the value of a dollar, hard work, listening, and leading. The people of District 41 deserve a representative that listens instead of legislating their own personal agendas.


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