It's Time for a Fresh Perspective

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My name is Brandon Medenwald and I'm a second-generation entrepreneur. My parents owned and operated a restaurant in Lidgerwood, North Dakota for 20 years. I worked in that restaurant throughout my childhood and it instilled in me the examples I live by:  hard work, honesty, and listening to others. I moved to Fargo and District 41 in 2004, bought my house in District 41 in 2006, and in 2011 with only a $100 bill and a dream I founded this company, Simply Made Apps, in the basement of my house right in District 41. My upbringing, my experience in bootstrapping my small business, and my advocacy over the past year make me uniquely suited to solve problems in North Dakota.

With the budget situation and the mismanaged priorities of the previous session, it is clear to me now that the 2019 state legislative session will be one of the most important we’ve had in a number of years. Today, I’m announcing I will seek the endorsement to run for the North Dakota House of Representatives in District 41.

I'm leaving my business in the hands of my capable team and stepping away to represent the people of District 41 because I believe it's time for the next generation to give back to our city and state. We need new leaders to confront and solve problems with a fresh perspective. 

When I listen to other small business owners and young people in our city, I hear their priorities loud and clear. We need to make it easier for young people to move here, start businesses, raise a family, and give back to our community. We need to bring technology to bear to make government faster and less costly. We need to lower property taxes permanently instead of instituting more temporary measures. We have to take actions to preserve Net Neutrality, which while a federal issue can be aided by smart leadership in Bismarck. We should end the so-called Blue Law which strips choices away from North Dakota businesses and families.

It's time for new leaders in District 41 that listen instead of legislating their own personal agendas.

I'd be honored to have your support and I hope you'll join me on this journey. Together we can accomplish so much.

Brandon Medenwald