I Applaud Continued Efforts to End the Sunday Closing Law

District 41 candidates Anderson, Medenwald, and Thomas applaud continued efforts to end the Sunday Closing law

(Fargo, ND) —District 41 state Rep. Pamela Anderson, state House candidate Brandon Medenwald, and state Senate candidate Paula Thomas applauded Rep. Shannon Roers Jones’ announcement that she will introduce a bill to repeal North Dakota’s Sunday closing law in the 2019 legislative session. 

During the last legislative session, Rep. Anderson sponsored similar Sunday closing law repeal legislation, which passed the House and fell just three votes shy in the Senate. Anderson has vowed to continue working to achieve this goal. 

As a private citizen, Medenwald has been a leading advocate for Sunday closing law repeal, also know as Blue Law repeal. Medenwald and running-mate Thomas have both pledged to work for repeal as legislators during the 2019 session.    

“Simply put, government shouldn’t tell private businesses when they can and cannot open their doors. Many people have limited time to get their errands and shopping done over the weekend, and allowing retailers to open for business before noon on Sundays is an important step to strengthen North Dakota’s retail sector and overall economy.” said Anderson. “We are ready to get this accomplished for the people of North Dakota in the upcoming legislative session.” 

“Voters everywhere should ask their candidates: Do you support freedom and flexibility for North Dakota’s businesses and families? Do you support individual responsibility and less government interference?” said Medenwald. “This shouldn’t be a partisan issue – Democrats can support this, and so can Republicans. Repealing North Dakota’s Blue Laws is good for businesses and consumers alike. We applaud Rep. Roers Jones’ work to carry the torch forward, and we’re ready to work with her.” 

“As North Dakotans, we value our individual liberty and responsibility,” said Thomas. “We want to see our businesses thrive and we are supportive of the basic right to practice your religion as you see fit, on a Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday or any other time throughout the week,” said Thomas.    

“Of course, House Majority Leader Al Carlson voted against this repeal, and that’s one of the many positions he holds that are quite simply out of touch with the people of our district,” added Medenwald. 

Brandon Medenwald